Mark Passmore8th Dan

Mark Passmore, 8th Dan, has been coach of the Australian karate team since 1990, and has achieved outstanding results both personally and with the Australian team to many world karate titles.

Since his first tenure as national coach to the 1990 all styles world titles in Kyoto, Japan, where Australia with a small team, achieved placing sof 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and Passmore received the title of world ranked number one referee, including a personal world ranking of number 5, which he held until 2003. Each two years thereafter, the Australian team has consistently placed in the top four countries from the 40 plus countries attending these titles, with the major title of world champions at the 1996 titles. No Australian team of any combination had achieved this before nor since.

As a member of the Australian army, Passmore, spent a number of years in the infantry corps before transferring to the corps of the Royal Australian Engineers, where he served in overseas humanitarian roles. Whilst in the infantry he had the chance to conduct training in close quarter combat to members of his unit.

As a martial artist, has instructed members of the New South Wales police service and various community service departments.

Currently Mark Passmore is graded 8th Dan in karate and Chief instructor of Senshi Ryu kobudo (traditional weapons).

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